Healing of the Heart

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After many years of soul searching to “find myself” I have realized that the only thing worth finding was the connection to my own heart. Sounds simple eh, although the journey from my head to the heart has seemed like the never ending story.


Living from the heart is everything I aspire to – being my “authentic self”; not dancing to the beat of anyone else’s drum; free to express my truth without fear of judgment; unconditional love is my friend; living in a child-like way; connecting with nature and Spirit; living abundantly and free from shame, guilt, doubt, fear (and all the other crappy emotions that we bring in from past lives and childhood); feeling loved, cherished and an important part of God’s “scheme of things”. What could be more wondrous? I’m still very much a work in progress, but because of the joy I now feel at finding the love inside that I had been seeking outside, I want to share the healing gifts I have gathered on the way.

Marita Mason is a spiritual healer based in Noosa Queensland Australia wearing white

How the Healing Process works

Looking at what’s happening in your life, gives me a clue where to look for the deeper issue, ie, If you are having abundance issues, it may come from programming from your parents, or be the result of you abusing your power in a past life, or being programmed through religious lifetimes or beliefs that you took on in childhood, etc. It may also be a combination of all of these. Through my training, I can check in with your Higher Self to explore what’s going on; I am also shown pictures of past lives etc. and can then “see” how Spirit wants to heal the particular issue.

Health issues are usually based on the messages we have been sending our body throughout our lives. Inna Segal’s The Secret Language of the Body is a great resource for discovering the emotional cause of most dis-ease (lack of ease), although by tuning in, I can often get more specific information.

Relationships with parents, siblings and partners can also be tricky. Personally, I had a very challenging relationship with my mum because of what I did to her in Atlantis. It was important for me to experience the same fear I instilled in her so that karma could be completed. These relationships don’t heal over-night and we need to have solid daily spiritual practices to keep healing our broken heart and forgiving ourselves and others.

My sessions are initially for an hour ($150), but after that a lot can be achieved in half an hour ($75).

Stem Cell Nutrition and Healing

In 2007, stem cell nutrition found its way into my orbit. This natural product, activates dormant stem cells that regenerate every organ and system of the body. It cleared up my arthritis, brain fog and bleeding gums, so I recommended it to my clients as a way for the body to catch up during emotional and spiritual healing. I really do believe it is the “fountain of youth”. Supplements, etc. feed existing cells, but those cells are finite. This product activates 34% more stem cells to do whatever is necessary to heal the body.

To learn more go to: marita33.cerule.com or or download my Stem Cells and Ageing PDF or, read more here on my website.

Tesla Technologies

Nikola Tesla

The Tesla products have been an absolute lifesaver for me. Whilst living in Byron Bay many years ago, I found that my brain was “cooking” whilst using a mobile phone and I could only use my computer for a limited time before getting wiped out. It was even exhausting driving the car. 

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