Gratitude for God-given Gift

Robert for testimonial

It is with gratitude I acknowledge Marita Mason’s God-given gift to be able to open one’s mind to the root causes of their fears and behaviours and in so doing she then has the ability to clear and heal these deep wounds with extraordinary compassion and understanding. Thank you Marita for your dedication to this work which has made a profound impact on my life and no doubt many others who have had the privilege of experiencing your unique talents. May you be forever blessed.

Robert Boyd, Queensland Composer; Musician; Sound Therapist

Unique Spiritual Knowledge

It is a great pleasure and indeed an honour to acknowledge this great gift that Marita posseses in helping people rid themselves of fears and self defeating patterns. Through her unique spiritual knowledge and great skills, Marita has helped me become a better person (allowing the real me to step out from the shadows) and in consequence become a much better professional, one that knows “God is crazy about him” and one who radiates light to every being on the planet. Marita’s compassion and dedication is unparalleled; she has always been available to me, anytime, any place, even while I was overseas on assignments to offer a friendly ear or provide me with guidance and healing through a session. I will be forever grateful to God and the Master for bringing Marita into my life. Thank you for your help, support and love, and I hope that you will continue helping other people to know they are loved and deserve the very best. 

Love and Light Always,

Raul Estevez, International Trainer, Specializing in training teachers to be engaging.


Raul for Testimonial

Amazing Skill, Intuition and Empathy

Fiona for Testimonials page

I met Marita in March 2010, and since then have had 3 healing sessions with her, that have changed my life. Through her amazing skill, intuition and empathy, I was able to get in touch with buried emotions and past experiences that were limiting me. Then through her powerful but gentle guided visualisations, these old beliefs were able to be released. Since then I have found that the way I interact with others, and the way I feel about myself has been changing at an incredible rate. I have gone from being very stuck and disillusioned with life, to feeling incredibly positive about the future. I now truly believe that anything is possible!

Thankyou so much Marita for helping me open my eyes and my heart, and for your friendship and kindness. You are a gift from God upon this earth.

Love and blessings,



Fiona Foster, 

Nutritional Medicine Doctor

Cleared Many Fears and Behavioural Challenges

It is a real honour and pleasure to acknowledge Marita for her intuitive and spiritual healing. Marita has unearthed and cleared many fears and behaviour challenges. For me this has been a journey and has been life changing. Now I know I can have the awesome life that I deserve.
Thank you Marita for your dedication to your spiritual work, for your love and friendship. Bless you my beautiful friend

Susan Rennie, 
Wellness Coach

Susan for testimonial

Truly Mind-Blowing and Resonated with me on a Deep Level

Brandi LaRochelle testimonial image

Dear Marita, 

I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you – this healing you do is …. no words I can find. You are AMAZING! And, not boring. You are an aspect of me that I just love. I have done in the past Journey Work, hypnotherapy, EFT, etc. and what you did with me was truly mind-blowing and resonated with me on a deep level. I was waiting to find you and I was ready to face Myself.


As I re-read my healing session, tears flow and that feels good. Otherwise I am doing okay. I really, really, really look forward to another healing session with you and working on my Mom’s family line.

Brandi LaRochelle