Tesla Technology - Geopathic Stress And Electromagnetic Frequency

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Some years ago I purchased a Tesla phone tag, pendant and computer plate. I had been having trouble using my mobile and cordless phone (felt like my brain was cooking after 10 minutes) and could only sit in front of a computer for an hour or so before getting “whacked”. I’m very happy to say that the phone tag worked and also that I am now able to sit at my computer for long periods without any bother. When I first got my personal pendant, I asked my friend Robert Boyd to check out my aura and he saw lots of light and colours swirling around my thymus – this apparently helps my immune system, and I can certainly vouch for renewed energy. I honestly wouldn’t be without it.

Phone Suppressed Aura

Needless to say, this was all very impressive for me, so I decided to become a Tesla distributor and completed a 4 day training on the products. During the training, we saw through dowsing how our aura “disappeared” simply by holding a mobile phone and then how it was re-activated when a Tesla disc was held with the phone. One of the most insidious energies seems to be from the emissions of electrical appliances in our home – we got to “feel” the difference when a stabilizer was connected. The houseplate is a very powerful piece in the kit. We used it to clear each others auras, to treat amalgams in the teeth and to clear radiation from X-rays etc. Carol (the creator of the Tesla products) told the story of when she “fanned” the plate over a lady’s spine who was not able to get off morphine because of her pain. The next day the husband phoned Carol saying that his wife had no more pain and had been able to stop taking morphine. I witnessed many in the group releasing back pain and other long term pain held in the body – simply by being “fanned” down the spine with the houseplate. The houseplate can also increase the vibration in your fruit and vegetables, if you cant buy organic.

This is very futuristic stuff. Robert has seen my aura expand exponentially with some of these discs in my field. I am very excited about the car plate as driving long distances used to totally sap my energy. Lately I have driven down to Brisbane and the Gold Coast from Hervey Bay a few times a month (5 hr drive) and am not even tired after the drive. Also, if you sit on this disc while flying you are not affected by the negative energies.

I was Suffering Geopathic Stress

According to the Naturopath I had in Byron Bay, my body was suffering from geopathic stress which was caused through underground water where I lived. Apparently the house I purchased in Dundowran has the same problem. According to statistics (Dulwich Health Society UK have checked over 25,000 people with health problems), 95% of cancer patients are living or working in a geopathic stress environment; 95% of children who are hyperactive, 80% of women who miscarry and 80% of people who get divorced, all live with geopathic stress. Doctors in Europe who have investigated over 10,000 cancer patients, found 92% of them were living in a geopathic stress environment. Scary stuff eh?? 

Even though I have a healthy diet, exercise, meditate, think right, have an awesome life and am happy in myself, I had geopathic stress. For me, understanding this is the “missing link” as far as optimum health is concerned. Geopathic stress can be from above or below ground.

  • Below ground stress comes from dry faults or ley lines (earth energy lines) and underground water (subterranean streams or rivers) – underground water carries electromagnetic frequencies.
  • Above ground geopathic stress is caused through electromagnetic frequencies from radar, satellites, mobile phone towers, electrical transformers, power lines etc.

Underground Water, Ley Lines, and Steel-Framed Homes

If you have a tin roof or steel framed home, then basically the whole home becomes “electrified” and there’s no escape. If like me, you have water running under your property, that too is a conductor of electrical energies, so it’s coming at you from all sides. If ley lines happen to cross each other under a bed, then the person sleeping in that bed for any length of time will more than likely get cancer. My friend Walter Smith will dowse a plan of your home to see if there are any crossed ley-lines, underground water or other geopathic stress. Contact me for his details.

Knowing that our precious energies are “stripped” by electromagnetic fields, microwave energies etc. is infuriating. Also finding out that my body was carrying geopathic stress as a result of my environment was very disturbing. This is potential cancer material. I guess that’s why I’m pretty over the moon about Tesla Technology.

The housekit will cover everything from geopathic stress, electromagnetic field from appliances etc; phone tags, personal pendants, car plate, a water kit to increase the “life force” in your water and a travel plate that you use when at a restaurant to activate your food or drink with “light”. 

Please email me if you have any queries.