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About Marita Mason - Spiritual Healer

Marita’s spiritual quest and subsequent deep healing has led her to work as a Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Coach . For many years, she was on the healing team at the Redemptorist Monastery in Perth. In 2000 she studied Pleiadian Lightwork at the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School in Mt. Shasta, California where she learnt ancient healing techniques. Later, she studied at the Oneness University Campus in Fiji where she became a “Deeksha” Practitioner. She has learnt, and taught Healing the Etheric Family Pattern – a modality that helps understand why we chose our parents, and releases the present and past life limiting patterns associated with them.

She has taught her own version of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) combined with Be Set Free Fast (commanding the subconscious mind) and Divine Decrees. She has studied Matrix Energetix with Richard Bartlett; is a Ui (Universal Intelligence) Mentor and DNA Healer, and in 2015 became a Practitioner for Gavin Ashley’s Belief Reset ( In October, 2015, Marita became a Soul Realignment Practitioner. Healing the inner child has also been an important focus of my healing work. We take on many beliefs and limited ways of being based on the way we were treated as a child. For example, if we were to be “seen and not heard”, we will have trouble speaking up as an adult; if we came from a working class family, we may have difficulty creating an abundant life; if we had a religious upbringing, we may believe “money is the root of all evil” or in the need for sacrifice.

Marita has focused her healing work on childhood blocks, past life traumas and limiting programs, patterns and beliefs that have come down the family line.  Her passion now is to help clients open their hearts and surrender to the beauty within themselves.  Marita works with her intuition, Higher Self of clients; the Masters, Healing Angels and Light Beings to assist transforming negative beliefs, patterns and programs.  Ultimately, it is the individual’s intent through their soul that brings forth healing, and Marita’s gift for re-connecting clients with their own Divine Presence facilitates profound healing.

Marita Mason is a spiritual healer
Marita Mason is a spiritual healer based in Noosa Queensland Australia

Marita lives in Noosa, Queensland. Most of her work is done via phone or SKYPE.

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