My Healing Work

Exploring the connection between our genetic programming and past lives was a big focus of my healing work for some years – probably because I found it to be a powerful way of breaking through limiting patterns and beliefs. Most people are aware that we choose our parents based on what needs resolution in this lifetime, although healing these patterns has been frustrating and elusive for most.

Through the work I do in Healing the Etheric Family Pattern, I access the original past lives that have caused people to choose their parents and by reframing the issues in those lifetimes, healing takes place. I also do a lot of work around the limiting beliefs they grew up with that still play out today – for example: if your parents had a poverty mentality and either judged the wealthy or said things like “money dosent grow on trees” then it may be hard to create abundance; if you were not encouraged to achieve, or had a dominating mother or father, then it would be challenging to reach your potential as an adult. I have found this particular modality to be foundational in creating a clean slate from which to choose the life you desire.

Physical Problems May be Related to Past Lives

I am quite fascinated by the past lives that come up in these sessions, so will share a few examples here: For men with prostate problems it is often a lifetime with the Amazon women where they were treated atrociously. Because of this cellular memory, they choose mothers who are domineering, and then wives who often “wear the pants”. Eventually they give up on their masculinity and prostate problems are the result. When a lifetime like this surfaces in a session, I run the client through a re-framing process where they see and feel themselves taking back their power, we do a forgiveness process and then healing love from the Masters transforms the cellular memory and broken heart. I am completely directed by Spirit during this process. Prostate problems can also be caused if a man has had an aggressive father and then decides to be more of a pacifist (often denying his masculinity).

Sometimes I come across physical problems with clients that are directly related to past lives. Being a slave, especially in ancient Egypt often leaves major physical problems – weak ankles from being chained, sore shoulders from pulling heavy loads and often sun sensitive skin from working with limestone. Often they have fears around not having enough food through actually being starving most of the time in that life.

Longing for What Might Have Been

Aboriginals allow people to be speared as punishment for certain crimes and then they are ostracised from the tribe and sent into the bush where they experience much shame and often a slow and painful death. In their current lifetime, there will be a physical pain from the spear wound (often in the hip), although the worst pain is the sense of being “ostracised” and shamed by work colleagues, peers or family.

Working with a Diabetic recently, a past life surfaced where he had been an African/American slave in a past life. I “saw” that he was hung by the klu klux klan, but just prior to that had given up the will to live – this was the original cause of his diabetes. Louise Hay in her book “You Can Heal Your Life” states that the emotional cause of diabetes is “Longing for what might have been. A great need to control. Deep sorrow. No sweetness left”. He had been taken from his home in Africa and missed his wife, freedom etc. He had carried the cellular memory into this life, which had been cemented in to his dna through early childhood issues.


Abusing power and Sabotaging abundance

Atlantis impression by Mark Andersen @markimarku
Atlantis impression by Mark Andersen

Many of us have abused our power, particularly in Atlantis, and because of our guilt we sabotage our abundance, are frightened of our own power and don’t feel worthy to receive the love and blessings of the Universe. We spend our lives “in service” of others to repay “God” and often feel resentful of doing so much, whereas in fact the truth of the matter is we don’t feel worthy of “receiving”.

Other significant past lives that bring their fair share of issues include: Religious lifetimes where we took vows of poverty – we seem to get stuck on believing that money is the root of all evil; Prostitute lifetimes – a feeling of shame and unworthiness: and lifetimes where we were persecuted for our healing abilities – an unwillingness to look at our spiritual gifts. 

Healing the Inner Child

Healing the inner child has also been an important focus of my healing work. We take on many beliefs and limited ways of being based on the way we were treated as a child. For example, if we were to be “seen and not heard”, we will have trouble speaking up as an adult; if we came from a working class family, we may have difficulty creating an abundant life; if we had a religious upbringing, we may believe “money is the root of all evil” or in the need for sacrifice.


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