Stem Cell Nutrition - The "Fountain Of Youth"

Stem Cell Nutrition: The Greatest Health Discovery of our Time

all you need is love and more stem cell nutrition

In 2007, stem cell nutrition found its way into my orbit. This natural product, activates dormant stem cells that regenerate every organ and system of the body. It cleared up my arthritis, brain fog and bleeding gums, so I recommended it to my clients as a way for the body to catch up during emotional and spiritual healing. I really do believe it is the “fountain of youth”. Supplements, etc. feed existing cells, but those cells are finite. This product activates 34% more stem cells to do whatever is necessary to heal the body.

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What is Stem Cell Nutrition?

Stem cell nutrition is a nutritional food that has been shown to support the release and activity of your body’s own adult stem cells from the bone marrow into the blood stream.

What do stem cells do for my health?

Stem Cells have the ability to become cells of various tissues to replace sick or old cells including brain, heart, liver, skin, bone, pancreas, thyroid, cartilage, kidneys, muscle eyes etc. – whatever your body needs to repair and regenerate.

The National Institute of Health identifies 74 treatable diseases using adult stem cells including auto-immune –  diabetes, lupus, crohn’s and arthritis, corneal regeneration, strokes, anaemias;  liver & kidney disease etc.    After the age of 35 our stem cells start “retiring” and by 65 we only have 10% migrating into our blood and this is why we age so quickly then.

What is the ingredient and how does it work?

Science has recently revealed that an aqua botanical from Lake Klamath/Oregan known as AFA contains very unique molecules that assists many aspects of human health, the most extraordinary being that it stimulates the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.   

David Wolfe, Visionary Nutritionist, in his book “Superfoods” lists AFA from Klamath as one of the top 10 superfoods.  He says “It stimulates the production of stem cells, is loaded with chlorophyll which helps our blood and contains 40 major minerals, especially iron, zinc, selenium & magnesium necessary to build bones, teeth skin, hair, nails, organs, muscular system, immune system and nervous system.  It is an excellent source of B vitamins, is a complete protein and has 18 amino acids”.

Christian Drapeau in his book Primordial Food says that “over the years, people consuming AFA have reported benefits related to poor memory, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, blood pressure, allergies, asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis rheumatoid diseases and many other health issues”

How do we get Stem Cell Nutrition?

StemEnhance is the world’s first scientifically proven natural product to release millions of your own stem cells out of your bone marrow into your blood stream. It is a concentrated source of AFA and the main ingredient in this product.  Supplements, organic and raw food, feed existing cells, but these cells are finite.  Stem Cell Nutrition activates your own stem cells continuously to regenerate and repair all the organs and systems of the body.  Up until recently, people had to spend a fortune on stem cell transplants, but now this “fountain of youth” is available as an organic supplement.

Who should take it?

Anyone who may have a health challenge, or, just simply wants to defy the ageing process and keep rejuvenating the body.

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