Healing The Etheric Family Pattern

Foundational Healing

In 2002 I was taught this modality which literally changed the foundation of my life.

Through this process, I access the original past lives that have caused people to choose their parents and by reframing the issues in those lifetimes, healing takes place. I also do a lot of work around the limiting beliefs they grew up with that still play out today – for example: if your parents had a poverty mentality and either judged the wealthy or said things like “money doesn’t grow on trees” then it may be hard to create abundance; if you were not encouraged to achieve, or had a dominating mother or father, then it would be challenging to reach your potential as an adult. I have found this particular modality to be foundational in creating a clean slate from which to choose the life you desire.

Releasing Negative Whilst Reinforcing Positive Qualities

This modality is very different from anything else I’ve learned in my years as a Healer.  Basically, each letter in the surname falls on a certain part of the body, and this locks in the negative qualities that have come down the family line.  The process is about releasing the negative qualities and then the positive qualities are reinforced.   Cellular memory is changed, as well as your genetic DNA.  Most modalities don’t get to the root of our issues – the lessons from past lives and subsequently the dysfunctional genetic programming.

At the end of this document there is a list of the positive and negative qualities of some letters.  Most letters fall on the torso, although some are on the hairline and face.  If you have letters that fall mainly on the spine – such as Y; J; T; I; G; K, then you may experience back pain as the negativity gets locked into this part of the body.    Digestive and stomach issues can happen with the letters H; O; C; S.  If you have a few E’s & A’s in your surname, you could experience problems with the hips. The letter D falls on the base chakra which can cause issues related to abundance. 

Below are the notes taken from a session I did with the name “Smith”:

 S.   I felt a lot of tension in your shoulders.  There was also a lot of sadness.  You told me you had felt much sadness when your husband left.  The initial sadness probably came from feeling unheard and misunderstood – your mother was very dominating.  You resigned yourself to “I don’t have a say”.  Anastasia presented herself to assist in the healing, so I asked you to imagine yourself in the Cedar Forest and see what animal came forward.  It was a fawn (see printout attached).  In the healing the 8 year old in you had to face the fawn and let all the sadness and not being able to get to “sacred mountain” to be healed.  You had to let it go out through your feet.  I then did a Blessing on this sadness.

M.     The “M” falls on your thymus (new high heart chakra) which opens you to guidance from spirit and universal unconditional love and the color is aqua.  I saw a lifetime where your tongue had been cut out in India.  You were a “fearless” Bard who spoke out about injustice.  You were warned to be quiet, but didn’t heed this warning.  I saw you held down by 4 men in a cold cell when your tongue was cut out – you told me you would freak out if you were ever held down.  You were also left on a cold concrete floor and that’s why you will hate the cold in this life.  In that life after your spirit was broken you were let go into the world where you became a disillusioned beggar who had lost all joy and trust.  You became “resigned” (same in this lifetime).  In the healing you had to go back and tell her you were her future self – that she had been brutal in a past life and karmically had to experience this.  You had to give her love and healing.  After this you saw her released and she simply held the love which emanated from you to everyone.  You could touch people and give healing.

I.     The letter “I” falls on your navel – I noticed there was no connection between your top half and bottom half.  There didn’t seem to be a connection with sex and your heart – you thought this might come from your lack of belief in yourself way back. You talked about your husband having guilt around sex and couldn’t talk about his feelings.  Somehow you blamed yourself for this.  In the healing Archangel Michael came to the 13 year old and handed her her Sword of Truth.  He touched the top of her Sword with his so she could feel the truth of who she was in spirit, and not who her mother made her believe.  She was an exquisite young woman.  The light of who you are was going into your hips and thighs, pushing ahead of itself doubt out through your feet.  Energy from Mother Earth was coming through your feet and filling you with the goddess energy, helping you feel vibrant and alive.  I asked you to see yourself with your Sword of Truth, going to your mother and telling her that it was not OK for her to dominate you or put you down.  I got you to imagine being a young woman feeling empowered with the world at your feet and let that energy filter through your whole body bringing healing to all the times you didn’t feel ok .  I got you to imagine being with your husband and teaching him about sex, giving him permission to do “naughty” things.  You needed to feel the freedom and tell him you need him to tell you how he feels.  “A woman’s sexual organs are her ears”.

T.  The letter “T” affects your ears.  You said you had often had ringing in your ears.  This usually happens because you simply don’t want to hear what’s going on in your childhood.    It seemed you shut down at age 10.  Archangel Michael came again to the 10 year old who had to tell her mother not to yell any more or speak badly to her.  I got you to scan through your life and simply hear music and the song of birds etc. to help heal your ears.  You told me that you didn’t make friends easily at school and had a lack of confidence.  I did a Blessing on “aloneness” which is one of the negative qualities of the letter “T”.  In the healing I saw the kids coming around you asking you to play.  I noticed you had a brick wall around you which you saw as pale yellow brick.  I asked the healing angels and guides to pull it down so you could let the love and the warmth of the sun in to thaw you out.  We also did a Decree as follows:  BY DIVINE DECREE IN THE NAME OF GOD UNDER THE LAW OF GRACE I GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO FEEL LOVED AND LOVABLE x 3.

H.  I saw a past life with you as a trapeze artist who was very famous and beautiful.  As you didn’t know love, it all went to your head and you betrayed your husband.  This is probably why he would have left you in this lifetime.  In the healing you had to go back and tell the woman that if she betrayed her husband she would suffer in many lifetimes and also that he would hurt her.  She also needed to feel loved so she could be happy with him in that lifetime.  I also asked for healing between Amanda and her ex-husband in all lifetimesLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Positive and Negative Qualities

Each letter of the surname has positive and negative qualities.  During the process, the negatives are released and positives reinforced.  Here’s an example of what some letters contain: 

 A.  Negative: No time for anything but practicalities; defiance; locked within self; temper; stuborn.  Positive:  Practical skills; communication; able to work alone; capacity to love the world; steadfast.

R.  Negative:  cynical; abrupt; unforgiving; depression; impractical.  Positive:  Service to humanity; words; diligent feeler.  hiis letter affects your liver which locks in anger.  Depression usually comes from anger turned inwards, so I often work with clients to help release the cause of their suppressed anger – this will help them be more empowered – and help heal the liver.

S.  Negative:  Temper; insecurity; misunderstood.  Positive: Laughter; words; healer; advocate; rising above all odds.  This letter affects the stomach and intestines.  

Each session takes about 1½ hours; cost is $300 and it will take a week to integrate.  There is a lot that needs to recalibrate and some emotion may surface during the following week. The sessions are a “once of” – one for the mother’s line and one for the father’s.  Also, when we have a sexual relationship with someone, we take on a lot of karma and an invisible web goes around both parties.  Healing the “stuff” taken on in relationships is a powerful way to move forward.  The good thing is that there are always gifts and blessings with every relationship – and you get the added benefit of more positive qualities being reinforced. Contact me to book a meeting now.

All sessions are done over the phone (or on Skype if you live outside Australia)